Hi! I’m Marc Terribilini

My guess is that you’re here to learn archery, right!? Well, I’ve been shooting ever since I was a kid. My dad and I competed in many tournaments across the United States and still enjoy shooting to this day!

With 30+ years of experience, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years. Archery takes years of practice and refinement, but with proper guidance, you can shave years off the learning curve.

Marc shooting at 4H

Everyone Starts as a Beginner

Yep, that’s me in the green sweatshirt and that’s my dad, walking behind the shooting line. I was around 4 or 5 years old at the time and my dad was the archery instructor. We were just getting started, but my dad had enough experience to teach us. I was having a blast but didn’t really know what I was doing (why was I making that face?). I hit the bullseye occasionally but was frustrated with inconsistent impact.

This is common for every beginner…you do the best you can, but you’re not consistent enough to be on target. Guidance is very important at this stage because you need confidence in the fact that you’re learning the proper fundamentals.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Once you understand proper fundamentals, it’s practice, practice, practice. With hundreds of hours of practice under my belt, here I am challenging myself in a local tournament. I’ve developed a few bad habits by this point, so it’s a constant challenge to make a good shot.

Perfect practice makes perfect, but every archer develops bad habits over time. Learning the right way from the beginning helps you reduce bad habits and take notice when they do appear. This gives you the power to overcome those challenges when others simply give up.

Archery Practice
archery focus

It Takes Focus to Excel

With practice, you’ll start shooting well but it takes focus to excel. Here’s my Dad competing in the 1993 I.B.O. World Championship, which he took 2nd place in his division. At this point, archery becomes more of a mental challenge and focus is key to overcome these challenges.

Everyone tries to make a good shot, but great archers understand where to place their focus. This is the defining factor that separates good from great. This generally takes years of trial and error to discover without proper guidance.

Hard Work Pays Off

After thousands of arrows and years of practice, your progress starts to show. Here I am as a kid with a few of the awards I had won over the years. It’s not always easy, everyone has their ups and downs, but you can become a great archer if you put in the time and practice.

Whether you’re looking to compete or just looking for a fun new hobby, archery is a great way to enjoy your time. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to shoot your very best.

Archery trophies

Enjoying Archery For Over 30 Years

I’ve enjoyed archery for over 30 years and still enjoy it to this day. If you’re looking to shorten the learning curve and improve your shot, take a look and see how we can help.

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