5 Arrow Quiver Options For Every Archer

Mar 29, 2021Archery Basics, Archery Equipment

As a new archer, you need to find an arrow quiver option that works for you. Since this bow accessory plays an important role when you’re shooting, it’s necessary to learn the details to ensure you make the right choice. While this archery gear option is available in a variety of types and styles, know there’s no right or wrong choice. Instead, you need to choose one that effortlessly fits in with your personal shooting style. Ready to find out how to choose a quiver so you can add this essential accessory to your arsenal of archery gear?

What Is An Arrow Quiver?

An arrow quiver is generally a cylindrical container that holds an archer’s arrows between shots. Most archers are looking for a quick and easy way to access their arrows. If you are too, know you have a few different easy access options. Since there are a few different types of quivers to choose from, you’ll also need to choose one that’s designed to work in your specific shooting application. If you have trouble deciding between 2 style options, you can always choose both styles. Over time, a favorite will likely stand out.

When it comes to quiver materials, traditionally they included leather, wood, and furs. Today, an archery quiver is often made using metal, canvas, and/or quality plastic, with some manufacturers still producing authentic leather quivers.

Why You Need An Arrow Quiver

Why do you need an archery quiver? Arrow cases are not only a convenient way to carry your arrows; they also protect you and your arrows from damage. While some archers may hold arrows in their hand or stick them in the ground, this is not a good practice. Arrows are very sharp, which requires archers to keep their arrows in a safe location so as to not harm themselves. Safety aside, many quivers also help keep your arrows organized.

Fun Fact: Why is an arrow holder called a quiver? A quiver is a term first used in the 14th century and refers to a tubular case that’s made specifically for holding archery arrows.

How Many Arrows In A Quiver?

When it comes to how many arrows a quiver holds, it depends on the quiver style. Each style of quiver is specifically designed to hold a certain amount of arrows, so keep this in mind when making your choice. When practicing, most archers tend to shoot somewhere between 200 and 400 arrows. When competition shooting, most archers will shoot somewhere between 60 and 120 arrows.

  • Detachable Bow Quivers = 3 to 7 arrows
  • Bow Mounted Quivers = 3 to 7 arrows
  • Back Quivers = 20 to 24 arrows
  • Hip Quivers = 10 to 16 arrows
  • Ground Quivers = 8 to 12 arrows

Arrow Quiver Options To Choose From

An archer’s arrow quiver is an accessory that needs to be within arm’s reach. This makes it necessary for every beginner archer to find out how easy it is for them to reach their arrows once placed in a quiver. Since there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from, which one is right for you? For those who are having difficulty deciding, know that many archers choose two different quivers to use in various shooting applications.

Learning about the different types of quivers available is essential, as making the right choice can last you a lifetime!

Quiver Choice #1 – Detachable Bow Quiver

Choosing this archery quiver type means there’s nothing extra to carry around as the quiver attaches directly to the bow. Reaching for the next arrow is thus extremely convenient and requires very little effort from the archer. Detachable bow quivers either click into place or attach using a lever or a strap.

*Detachable bow quivers are a great choice for compound and recurve archers. This quiver style is popular among hunters as it allows for quick access and the option to easily detach the quiver. However, these are not a great option for regular target shooters.

  • Pros: Grippers keep arrows organized. Safety hood covers arrows. Some archers prefer the additional weight for stabilization reasons. Detachable options are easily removed before shooting.
  • Cons: Only holds a limited amount of arrows. Can potentially alter a shot due to the extra weight added to the bow.

Quiver Choice #2 – Bow-Mounted Quiver

Bow-mounted quivers are not easily detachable and instead are securely attached to the bow using screws and/or bolts. This quiver type comes with a mounting bracket making it easy to attach.

*Bow-mounted quivers are a great choice for compound and recurve archers alike. These are also common among hunters, but not a great choice for regular target practice.

  • Pros: Very convenient. A quiet way to transport arrows. Offers single grip or multiple grip points.
  • Cons: Difficult to rest the bow in an archer’s lap. Can cause bow-balancing issues. Holds a limited number of arrows.

Quiver Choice #3 – Back Quiver

Archers wear this traditional quiver option diagonally across their back. This style is a common choice amongst archers who enjoy the traditional aspects of archery. It’s also a popular choice as it offers archers quick access to their next arrow. With some practice, back quivers allow archers to obtain their next arrow and place it on the string in a fast manner.

*Back Quivers are a great choice for longbow and recurve bow archers.

  • Pros: Doesn’t shift around when walking, aiming, or shooting. Accommodates both left and right-handed shooters.
  • Cons: Bending over often results in accidentally dumping the arrows. Hard to tell how many arrows are still in the quiver. Often doesn’t offer any storage options.

Quiver Choice #4 – Hip Quiver

Also called side quivers, archers wear hip quivers either off the hip or to the side of the hip. It’s fairly easy to access arrows using this type of quiver with a little bit of practice. Archers can choose the hip quiver style they prefer, as they’re held in place using a sling, belt, or clip. The fact that arrows are easy to access and it doesn’t get in the way of shooting makes this a popular choice amongst archers. There are 2 types of hip quivers – target and field.

*Hip Quivers are a great choice for target archers, compound bow archers, and recurve bow archers.

  • Pros: Comfortable to wear. Often includes pockets to keep additional accessories, like tools. Often includes dividers to keep arrows organized. Most allow arrows to lean backward to avoid arm contact.
  • Cons: Can sway back and forth when walking. Some stick out in front and catch brush or other objects when walking.

Quiver Choice #5 – Ground Quiver

No need to wear this arrow holder. A ground quiver sets into or on top of the ground, standing in an upright position. It’s a quiver choice that keeps arrows organized and safe by allowing archers to store their arrows tip-side down. There are a few different options available, from very simple and basic options to very precise and detailed options.

*Ground Quivers are a great choice for any bow style, target shooters, and archers who often shoot from the same distance.

  • Pros: Easy to set up and use. Holds plenty of arrows. Sturdy and durable even in windy conditions.
  • Cons: Not easily portable.

Choosing The Right Arrow Quiver

Which quiver option should you choose? It can be difficult for new archers to choose a type of quiver that works for them. For some, making the right choice will be as challenging as choosing the right bow. Some new archers even choose a quiver based on how cool it looks, which is understandable. Many popular movies feature archers and some new archers want to mimic what they see in the movies. Just remember that while you can choose to mimic what you see in the movies, it’s not always practical to do so.

Below, you’ll find a list of questions that may help you make the right choice:

  • What’s your archery style?
  • What type of shooting do you partake in?
  • Do you want a detachable quiver?
  • How many arrows do you want it to carry?
  • Are your arrows really short? (child/youth size)
  • What’s your personal preference?

General Recommendations

Now, here are a few general recommendations if you’re looking for a bit more clarification. You can choose any option you like, but these are guidelines I would suggest.

  • Longbow: Back quiver
  • Recurve Bow: Back quiver (traditional) or hip quiver (modern)
  • Compound Bow: Hip quiver
  • Bow Hunting: Bow mounted/detachable bow quiver
  • Beginners: Ground quiver or hip quiver


Which arrow quiver is right for you? As a new archer, setting yourself up for success is important. The last thing you want is to lose your arrows or accidentally break them. This means you need to choose an arrow holder that can properly protect you, your arrows, as well as keep them organized. Choosing a modern arrow quiver means you’re getting the benefit of a quiver that’s lightweight, durable, adjustable, and safe to use. So, take your pick, get out on the range, and start shooting!


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