Fun With Flu Flu Arrows And Aerial Archery

May 17, 2021Arrows

Imagine how much fun it’ll be to shoot arrows in the air! Flu flu arrows are a type of arrow that’s specifically designed to shoot at aerial targets, as they only fly a short distance. This style of shooting requires shooters to predict the path of the arrow due to moving targets. If an archer happens to miss their target, this arrow type is easy to find due to its ability to only fly over short distances. While most archers often use them to shoot at aerial targets for practice reasons, they’re also used in recreational archery and archery contests.

What Are Flu Flu Arrows?

What exactly is a flu flu arrow? These short-distance flying arrows only travel about 50 yards and begin to lose their accuracy after about 20 yards. Their limited distance makes them safe to shoot at flying targets, and with five different fletching choices available – spiral fletch, 6 fletch, 4 fletch, 3 fletch, hybrid – you have options.

The fact that this arrow type offers archers a new type of shooting challenge has many beginner archers excited to partake in aerial archery. Shooting flu flu arrows offers a different type of archery experience, as archers need to use a different skillset to perfect this type of shooting.

Why Use Flu Flu Arrows?

There are lots of reasons for using a flu flu arrow. While practice shooting and bird hunting are two popular reasons, using them also hones a new archer’s ability to shoot quickly and instinctively. Archers who enjoy playing games will have fun using these arrows to participate in archery games, like archery golf.

How They Work

Untrimmed feathers create a lot of drag, which is why they’re used to construct a flu flu arrow. This drag is what’s responsible for its shorter flight.

When You Should Use Them

You should use this type of arrow when engaging in aerial archery practice so you can safely shoot at fast-moving targets in the air. Specific archery uses include fun shooting, wing shooting, and trick shooting.

About Their Unique Design

Flu flu arrows use a special design of fletching. Aerodynamic stabilization is thus controlled by using uncut feathers. While most arrows have three fletchings to stabilize them when in flight, these arrows often contain more feathers. These additional feathers cause more drag, resulting in a shorter flight. Many times, this arrow type also uses blunt tips, which prevents them from going into hard surfaces.

Flu Flu Arrows And Aerial Archery

There are two main uses associated with flu flu arrows – aerial target practice and bird hunting. Both uses require archers to focus on shooting a moving target. Since shooting at flying targets requires a different set of skills, choosing to practice this type of archery makes any archer a better shooter. As a beginner archer, you can choose to participate in aerial target practicing as a stand-alone activity or you can add it to your traditional archery practicing.

Aerial Target Practice

Aerial target shooting not only helps archers improve their overall shooting skills, it’s tons of fun! Who wouldn’t enjoy shooting at flying objects in the sky? Whether it’s one day a month, one day a week, or more often, practicing shooting at aerial targets allows archers to learn more about their individual archery talents. One of these talents is finding out how intuitive an archer is when shooting quickly in the air.

Bird Hunting

Whether it’s pheasant, quail, or waterfowl, bird hunters must predict the bird’s flight path when getting ready to release the arrow. Due to the blunt tip, there’s no need to worry about any arrows getting stuck high up in a tree. This makes flu flu arrow retrieval a much simpler process.

Aerial Archery Targets

When it comes to getting your target choice up in the air, you’ll need to choose a target thrower. Whether you decide that a store-bought target thrower is right for you or prefer to make your own DIY target thrower, keep in mind how easy it’ll be to use each option. For example, there are manual throwers available that’ll launch your targets once you tie them to your arm or leg to pull the trigger. Or you can purchase an aerial archery target for under $100. If on a budget, simply compare this cost to making your own target.

So what are some of the more popular aerial targets available for you to shoot at? See below to learn more about the three more common targets archers use when shooting at airborne targets. Fun Fact – some archers choose to shoot at aspirin to really hone their aerial shooting skills!

Foam Discs

Polyethylene foam has a high density, making this the preferred choice when choosing foam as an aerial target. Arrows tend to penetrate and stick well in foam discs, preventing them from going through the target or bouncing off the target.

Clay Discs

Also called sporting clays and clay pigeons, discs of clay are a type of aerial target used to imitate birds flying in the air. Archers who plan on participating in shooting competitions often prefer this target choice.

DIY Aerial Archery Targets

It’s easy for those who want to construct a homemade aerial target, as there are many different types of materials available to make one’s own target. Some of the more common homemade targets archers make are listed below. Simply glue and/or use duct tape to make:

  • Cardboard circle targets
  • Ping-pong ball targets
  • Plastic milk jug targets
  • Plastic soda bottle targets
  • Soft (think Nerf) sport ball targets

Getting Started With Aerial Archery

One of the many benefits that come with choosing to participate in the sport of archery is that it offers archers the ability to customize their gear and equipment. Since aerial archery requires archers to learn a whole new way of shooting, new gear is necessary. For archers who prefer to make their own archery equipment and accordingly wonder how do you make flu flu arrows, know that you can buy the basics to make your own DIY flu flu arrows.

Because it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re a new archer, see the steps below to ensure that you’re following best practices when shooting and/or making flu flu arrows so you can fully and safely participate in aerial archery.

1. Choose Your Flu Flu Fletching Style

Since there are many different shapes and designs available, choosing a fletching option that works for you is your first step. This special arrow type differs from regular arrow fletching as the purpose of flu flu fletching is to make the arrow only fly a short distance.

2. Adjust The Feather Length

Choosing a feather length and/or height that best supports your shooting style is next. This requires you to decide whether you want more or less drag. While the point of a flu flu arrow is to create a good deal of drag so they don’t travel over a long distance, you can choose the amount of drag you want from your flu flu arrows.

3. Apply Fletching

DIY fletching requires archers to apply their fletching in a way that supports the way they want to shoot. The fact that flu flu fletching uses uncut aka untrimmed feathers means they can only fly so far. Fletching options for flu flu arrows include a spiral fletch, a six fletch, a four fletch, a three fletch, and a hybrid fletch.

Spiral fletches are the most traditional option and include only two uncut, untrimmed fletching feathers. Six fletches include six untrimmed feathers, with each one being about 5”, and use an offset or helical orientation so they can travel twice as far as spiral fletches. Four fletches are the same as a six fletch flu flu arrow, yet only have four feathers (to create less drag). Three fletches fly even further. While hybrid fletches aren’t as common as the above fletching choices, those who choose this option often do so to test the path of an arrow by cutting the feathers very short.

4. Aerial Archery Practice

Finding a safe place to practice is essential when performing aerial archery. You can choose to have a friend throw targets to you from a safe location or you can use a launcher, as it’s really up to you to decide which option works in your favor. Since flu flu arrows are harder to lose, all you need to think about is finding an open/safe space and having fun when practicing aerial archery.


Excited to use flu flu arrows? Understand that practice makes perfect, as it takes a little time to get used to shooting at targets in the air. In order for you to properly practice shooting your choice of flu flu arrows, you’ll need to choose and set up a target option that works for you. For those who feel they need a little assistance, reach out to a friend or family member to see if they’ll assists with throwing your targets…because it’s a lot of fun!

Even though many archers choose to participate in aerial archery for competition reasons, many also choose aerial archery to expand their archery skills, and with a goal of having fun. So whether you want to enter archery contests or enjoy a fun game of flu flu golf, partaking in aerial archery will overall improve your archery abilities and talents.


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